CThru has changed John’s life. Here’s his story…

“I had been thinking about a brace for a long time… I had a fixed brace fitted when I was in my teens but didn’t keep up with them and like so many people, didn’t wear my retainer regularly.

Over time, one tooth moved behind my two front teeth. I was always conscious of this, like when taking pictures, I’d show what my wife call my “good side”. It finally got to the point when I couldn’t take it anymore and felt too conscious of my teeth when in pictures, meetings or conversations. It was affecting my day to day.

I didn’t want a fixed brace, the hassle and cost, plus time off work was impossible as I am working long days as a managing director. So, I started to look instead at the removable retainers on the market. CThru was ideal for me. It fitted in with my busy lifestyle and was unnoticeable to my clients, colleagues and in presentations. It was slightly strange wearing it at first but I couldn’t believe how comfortable it was, especially remembering the pain and discomfort when having fixed brace years ago. It was incredibly easy to use in the day and comfortable at night.

I feel so much more confident now as a result. You don’t realise how many people notice your teeth when you’re taking to them and now it’s great because I get to show them off. I can’t tell enough people about CThru, they have definitely changed my life. Thank you!”