Everybody notices how great Maggie’s smile is…

“I used to be really embarrassed when my daughter got her camera out and asked for a selfie with me. She has beautiful teeth, but I would always find a way to make sure my mouth was closed. I had a big birthday coming up, so I decided enough was enough, and asked my dentist about C Thru Clear Aligners.

The dentist talked me through the process and made impressions of my teeth which were sent away to a lab. I was then fitted for my first aligner.

The whole process took about six months. The C Thru aligners are completely invisible, and most people didn’t know I was wearing them at all. It didn’t affect my speech either, which is essential when you have to talk to customers every day. You have to wear them most of the time, even when you sleep, but thankfully they’re comfortable, and once they’re in, you barely notice them.

I can now smile confidently in all my photographs and everyone notices how great my smile is because of my lovely straight teeth.”

Maggie’s Before & After: